Alpha Psi Round Up 2017

The Alpha Psi Round Up 2017 was a blast out at Sistrunk Farms on Highway 80 on Saturday!  A big 'thanks' to everyone who stopped by and said hey. Also want to thank Andrew Lovelady for being our go to guy with any questions we had for Round Up. Here's a look at the scene plus the Tug-of-War competitions.

In the video below, Mason from the Afternoons on Kicker was actually a participant! He caved into peer pressure and was roped in to the competition. In the video below, he is wearing a white shirt with "97.7 KickerFM" on the back in orange. Looking at the team on the right side, he's in the middle of that group just in front of the guy in a grey shirt and white hat.

Below we have our picture gallery. Just a look at the scene, but at the end of the gallery we have the sharpie tattoos! Students started using Sharpies a few years back to leave temporary "tattoos" of whatever they felt like writing, so you can check out some of those too

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