Interview with Muscadine Bloodline at Bulls, Bands, & Barrels

I had the chance to sit down and talk with Muscadine Bloodline on March 2nd at Bulls, Bands, & Barrels in Dothan, AL. When I say I've been super excited to share this, it's truly an understatement. Charlie Muncaster and Gary Stanton's music is not the only thing that's authentic about them. Granted, this was my first interview with a music group (let alone, one of my favorites), but these guys were so awesome, so chill, and so nice to let me hang out for a few minutes. Fans may or may not know that Charlie started out in church choir and Gary in church groups and both are from Mobile, AL...the rest is history. That's what I tried to get behind in this interview: how they met, how the name Muscadine Bloodline came about, what/who inspires their music, goals for their career, some advice to those out there starting out, and even a special guest appears.

Disclaimer: Gary mentioned the ceiling fan making some racket...I know better now for the (hopeful) next sit down with MB.



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