Lindsey Ell at Tin Roof-Birmingham

I had the opportunity to meet and enjoy the musical talent that is Lindsey Ell (for the fourth time, now...I think?) last night at Tin Roof in Birmingham, AL.

Lindsey is not only a complete rock star at her craft (that guitar shredding, though) but she is also an all-around great human being. She welcomes everyone in the room with the brightest, kindest smile and a big hug. The first thing she said to me was "Wow, your hair looks awesome!" which I consider a win in my book.

Being an up-and-comer (or an attempt at one) in the radio business, if anyone can say anything about me it's that I take any opportunity to shadow when it presents itself. That being said, being at the Tin Roof on Tuesdays not only lets me in on some of the greatest shows around here but it allows me to watch radio craft being made by other on-air talents, such as Dollar Bill & Madison, and catch a few pointers when I can. Pictured below, the duo are playing a game of "What The Ell is That?" before the show, which you can check out the fun, hilarious time had here on their blog at 102.5 The Bull.

Lindsey took the stage with some of her original songs like "Criminal" from her The Project album, mixed in with "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room" by John Mayer (you can hear this and other off-the-chain John Mayer covers on her album The Continuum Project), and a few other covers like "Dock of the Bay". Check out some clips from last night's show below!


Always a good time to be had at Tin Roof in Birmingham! Check out the remainder of the lineup for IncrediBULL Tuesdays below - every Tuesday at 7:30 PM! All shows are free, fun, and, who knows? You could even get a chance to meet an artist!


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