Tenille Townes at Tin Roof-Birmingham

Another IncrediBULL Tuesday - thanks to 102.5 The Bull - at Tin Roof in downtown Birmingham this week...this time, iHeart Country On The Verge Artist, Tenille Townes!

Most people get excited about meet and greets because, well...they get to meet and greet an artist who gets to play their favorite music for a living. It's pretty huge, no doubt. My excitement with these instances is getting to see who these artists really are and I consider myself very lucky to have met a few gems within just a few weeks.

Let me start off by saying the inevitable here: Tenille is so genuine, so sweet of a human being. What stood out the most to me out of all the other meet and greets was I got to see a fan not only compliment Tenille on her music and her latest single "Somebody's Daughter" but I also got to see tears of joy from said fan who clearly had a story of their own and could relate to Tenille's music like she knew them...that right there is the craft, in my opinion: writing something that not only someone can relate to, but something that reminds the rest of us that we are all human. It doesn't matter what our name is...where we come from...what life has thrown at us...not at all. We are all human...and Tenille definitely sets that thought into place with her music.

Onto the show, as I was sitting in the crowd, one of the first songs Tenille graced us with was "White Horse"...a song about thinking we know what we want and when we least expect it, something better comes along to show us even more than we could ever dream of (one of my favorites of hers). Check out the clip below of 'White Horse".


Tenille rocked us all Tuesday night, of course closing out the show with her single "Somebody's Daughter".


Read on more about iHeart Country On The Verge Artist, Tenille Townes and the amazing story behind her single "Somebody's Daughter", which we've all come to know and absolutely love.

Tenille Townes: iHeartCountry On The Verge Artist
Tenille Townes: iHeartCountry On The Verge Artist
Get to know iHeartCountry On The Verge artist Tenille Townes.


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