Gingerbread Village at the AU Hotel

December 12th is Nation Gingerbread House Day! S owe though it'd be a great idea to head over to the Auburn University Hotel and Dixon Conference Center to check out their Village! It's truly astounding how well they did in creating each building. So well in fact you really don't even need the card next to it to know which landmark around Auburn it is!

Each house was assigned to a group of workers at the Hotel and within 6 days these building were constructed; that's why each building has it's own unique feel. For example, the "bricks" that make the walls of  Samford Hall are Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Imagine having to place each one of those tiny squares painstakingly by hand!

Looking through our Gallery and watching the Video will show off the Village but going to see the Village in person will leave you in awe. The Gingerbread Village on the Plains can be found inside of the Hotel at Auburn University, it will be on display all the way through New Year's so their is plenty of time to head over and check it out! They unveil the Village every year following the Auburn Christmas Parade so mark it on the calendar for next year. It is absolutely FREE to go and look at for yourself!


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