Super Blue Blood Moon going to disappoint East AL

So tonight/tomorrow morning we are expecting an extremely rare trifecta from the moon. A Blue moon  means it is the second full moon of the month. A Blood moon is when Earth's shadow is cast upon the moon creating lunar eclipse. The Super moon means the moon will appear 14% to 30% larger than it normally does.

 So we should get crazy excited and pumped to see this rare Super Blue Blood Moon, right?! Turns out, no. 

You remember how we got all excited for the total solar eclipse in August of last year and then how we were let down when it didn't look much different than normal? That is basically what's going to happen with this Super Blue Blood Moon. 

Main things to know:

The fact it will be a Blue moon and Super moon will be the case all night long but the Blood moon part won't actually happen until its daylight for us.

5:48am Wednesday, January 31st CST the lunar eclipse will begin. The 80% Lunar eclipse will not be in effect until the 6:36am to 6:40am window. 

That time frame works out great if you're living on West Coast but no so much here in Alabama. Around here the eclipse start time on Wednesday means the sun will be coming up too and make it very difficult to the see super rare Super Blue Blood Moon. Oh well, at least we'll get to see the pictures later tomorrow on the internet.


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