LCHS Pet of the Week: Boomer

 Meet our Pet of the Week, Boomer! Boomer sometimes gets overlooked  because he is in foster, but he is a great dog. Boomer is a big boy at  60 pounds, and he's about two and a half. Because he has been with us  for quite some time, he is currently a member of our Lonely Hearts Club,  which means that his adoption fee is just $25!

 Here's what his foster has to say about him: "He LOVES strawberries. He  goes crazy when I eat them with breakfast in the morning, I usually give  him one. And rolling in the grass, but you guys already know that! He  also likes tug-of-war, and he snores which is kinda cute. Although he  does fine being left alone, he does not like being on the other side of a  door when he knows you're in the next room (like the bathroom...).  Anytime you open a door he is right there waiting, he definitely wants  to be around people all the time." Doesn't Boomer sound great? Email to set up a meet and greet!



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