Remembering March 3rd, 2019...

Events in Remembrance

11 AM - EAMC Chapel Remembrance Service

2:03 to 2:04 PM - City of Smiths Stations Moment of Silence (will reflect on KickerFM and Mix 96.7)

5 PM - Groundbreaking of Memorial Site at Providence Baptist Church

6 PM - Remembrance Service at Providence Baptist Church

*You can watch Live on our News partner*

Guests On Air During the Kicker Morning Show with Van Riggs

6:15- Chris Darden (National Weather Service in Birmingham)

6:35- Robert Hamm (Lee County Commissioner)

6:50- Bubba Copeland (Smiths Station Mayor)

7:15- Rita Smith (Director of Lee County EMA) & Laura Eason (MEND/EAMC Chaplain)

7:35- Jay Jones (Lee County Sheriff)

7:50- Rusty Sowell (Pastor, Providence Baptist Church)

8:35- Bill Harris (Lee County Coroner)

8:50- John McEachern (City of Opelika Police Chief)

We applaud and congratulate Rita Smith on becoming the Director of Lee County EMA