10 Things You May Not Know About Cole Swindell

In honor of the country star's birthday (June 30th), here's a list of ten things you may or may not have known about Cole Swindell!

1. He has never been dumped.

Cole keeps his love life private. You may not have seen him with anyone on his arm while walking the red carpet, too. However, this doesn't mean he's "hopelessly" single. He's had his fight with Cupid a time or two but he always seems to beat them to the punch when it comes to breakups.

2. His hero? Alan Jackson.

Back in 2015, Cole shared a throwback picture from his college years of himself dressed as Alan Jackson after he got to perform with the artist. He says it was a picture from a "My Hero" social event in college.

3. Cole started his career as Luke Bryan's merch guy.

For three years, Cole served as Luke's merch guy at concerts. However, this is not how they met.

4. Cole met Luke Bryan at a Fraternity house.

Cole and Luke were both Sigma Chi at Georgia Southern University (not in the same years, of course). Luke and his band Neyami Road stopped in to change his guitar strings and was asked to play a quick song, which he performed "Small Town Favorite Son". That was the song that inspired Cole to start doing something about his dream. He soon became obsessed with songwriting.

5. Dierks Bentley misspelled Cole's name.

Dierks admits that he still has Cole's named listed in his phone as C-O-A-L because it's how he spelled it when they met years ago. He still thinks it's funny so he's kept it. Dierks was an early inspiration for Cole, so one might say writing and recording "Flatliner" was a dream come true.

6. He freaked out when he met Reba McEntire

I mean, who wouldn't?! Don't believe me? See for yourself.


7. His favorite song is "Carrying Your Love With Me" by George Strait

8. Cole was known by everyone in High School

Well, they did only have 25 students in his graduating class. He then went to college at Georgia Southern University and obtained a degree in Marketing.

9. He watches what?

Cole is a huge fan of the show The Bachelorette

10. Singing and songwriting aren't the only talents up his sleeve

Cole can actually draw. Back in 2014, he shared a pencil portrait he had done of Luke Bryan with People.


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