Great American Treasure Hunt Week 3 Clues: Recap

Our third week of the Great American Treasure Hunt is in the books! Here are the five clues from Week 3 (June 26th thru June 30th) to help you catch up on what you may have missed

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Week 3 Clues

1. Another week is here and let’s eliminate another location, don’t go searching in Smiths Station.

2. They won it all last year at Jordan-Hare, but if you’re looking for treasure here you don’t have a prayer.

3. The name of the game is figuring out where it’s hid, so don’t go searching in Monkey Park like several others did.

4. Win a grill this year to get some flavor, this year the treasure is Oscar’s neighbor.

5. Finding the treasure may the tough in the dark, but don’t go look in Chewacla State Park.

There will NOT be  a new clue July 4th

The Bonus Clue will be given out at Hyundai of Auburn on Thursday (July 6th) from 4-5pm. That will be the only time you can get the Bonus Clue.


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