Great American Treasure Hunt: Week 4 Clues

Our third week of the Great American Treasure Hunt is in the books! Here are the five clues from Week 4 (July 3rd thru July 7th) to help you catch up on what you may have missed

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Week 4 Clues

1) In the 1800's a fire damaged this town in Lee County, and hunting here you won't find our Bounty.

2) Happy 4th of July!

3) You should be eliminating locations with a mark, and make sure and add Kiesal Park.

4) Looking in Poka wouldn't be best; you should travel more North East for the chest

5) I can hear the cars as they go past, and they need not worry if they are low on gas

There was a Bonus Clue given out at Hyundai of Auburn on Thursday, July 6th. That clue will not be made available until after the Hunt is over.



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