Great American Treasure Hunt Recap

Congratulations again Mark (Dad) and Trey (Son) Davidson from Opelika on winning this year's Great American Treasure Hunt! They found the Treasure near Long Bridge at Lake Harding. 


We've been asked to explain more than a few clues so here are the explanations for a few of the clues that gave folks the most trouble:

Week 2 

2. This town has groovy tunes at a print shop, but if you’re looking for treasure it’s not your stop. (Waverly)

3. It may be tough looking for our treasure at night, because it is tucked away out of plain sight. (Under Rocks) 

4. The Blue Devil is the mascot of this border town, and hunting here will only leave you with a frown. (Notasulga) 

Week 3 

2. They won it all last year at Jordan-Hare, but if you’re looking for treasure here you don’t have a prayer. (Beauregard) 

4.  Win a grill this year to get some flavor, this year the treasure is  Oscar’s neighbor. (Oscar the Grouch, Garbage Cans near the Treasure) 

Week 4 

1. In the 1800’s a fire damaged this town in Lee County, and hunting here you won’t find our Bounty. (Salem) 

Week 5

1. The Treasure is at a place that’s good for chillin’, A Texan City owns land within. (Houston’s Island at Lake Harding)

2. Win our prizes and you’ll have a good time, so hunt off a Lee County road that’s prime. (Lee Road 379) 

3. Hunting at the Bottle would be wrong, so search where the bridge is long. (The Long Bridge at Lake Harding)

The Bonus Clue was: 

Finding the treasure is the name of the game, and be sure to follow the path of the plane. 

(If you look on the Treasure hunting map there is a Plane image located in the bottom right corner of the map)

For ALL of the clues from this year's Great American Treasure Hunt, CLICK HERE


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