The Great American Treasure has been found!

The 2017 Great American Treasure has been found!  The Great American  Treasure Hunt is an annual event hosted by 97.7 Kicker FM, Mix 96.7,  WTLM AM 1520, and Hallelujah 910 AM.  Last year the Hunt was awarded the  ABBY Award for “Listener Contest of the Year” at the Alabama  Broadcasters Best in Broadcasting Awards in Birmingham.  The Hunt has  been running for over 25 years and has changed very little in since its  beginning.  

This year’s hunt started back Monday June 10th and clues  where given daily on the air leading the listeners to a tiny treasure  chest hidden in the area.  .  This year’s winners is Trey Davidson!  The crew found  the treasure chest hidden off Lee County Road 379 at Lake Harding across  from Docs Restaurant.  They will receive thousands in prizes including a  Custom E-Z Go Golf Cart from Fun Carts of Opelika, 3 Night Stay at the  Holiday Inn Resort, Gas Grill, Fire Pit, Lit Cooler, and More!  This  year’s Hunt went over 5 weeks which is one of the longest hunts in the  history of the promotion.  Hundreds of Hunters flocked to Lake Harding’s  long bridge to search for the chest, but Trey Davidson was ultimately able to find that tiny treasure chest!

Hiding spot for this year's Great American Treasure Hunt

The Great American Treasure Hunt prizes:

Fun Carts of Opelika – Golf Cart 

Holiday Inn Resort, The #1 Family Resort On Panama City Beach- 3 Night Stay 

Watson’s Backyard Living  - Fire pit 

Robert Trent Jones – Barbasol Champions Club Tickets 

Lit Coolers - a Lit Cooler and prize pack

Four Seasons Federal Credit Union - Roku TV

R&T Dollar- 32 Inch Flat Screen TV! 

Hyundai of AuburnGrill

Auburn University Federal Credit Union – Gift card 

Auburn Bank- Gift card 

Charred Oaks – Gift card 

Orthopedic Clinic –  Gift card 

Here are all the clues we had for this year's Great American Treasure Hunt:

Recap: Week 1 Clues

Recap: Week 2 Clues

Recap: Week 3 Clues

Recap: Week 4 Clues

Week 5 Clues

The Treasure is at a place that's good for chillin, a Texan City owns land within

Win our prizes and you'll have a good time, so hunt off a Lee County road that's prime

Hunting at the Bottle would be wrong, so search where the bridge is long.

The Bonus Clue was: 

Finding the treasure is the name of the game, and be sure to follow the path of the plane. 

(If you look on the Treasure hunting map there is a Plane image located in the bottom left corner of the map)



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