LCHS kicks off the Bark Bowl

Lee County Humane Society is having  a Pup Rally this Wednesday for the Bark Bowl and would love it if y'all could come!

The Bark Bowl is a friendly competition between the Lee County  Humane Society and the Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter. The goal is  simple, see who can raise more money for their respective shelter and to  raise awareness for the homeless animals of Alabama.

What is great about the Bark Bowl, besides raising awareness for  the homeless animals of Alabama, is that the Bark Bowl is inspired by  the Iron Bowl and puts Alabama fans against Auburn fans. $1 = 1 vote to  either Auburn (LCHS) or Bama (TMAS).  For example, the Bama fans living  in Auburn, they can raise money for Alabama (TMAS) or they can raise  money for their local shelter (LCHS).

We would love to see everyone there! There will be great food, games, music, and great people! 

The Puppy Rally is from 5pm-7pm at Lee County Humane Society located at 1140 Ware Drive in Auburn


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