Drug Arrest by Auburn Police

On Tuesday, July 11th, 2018, Auburn Police arrested 2 individuals for different counts.

Cedreko Lamar Johnson (26) from Opelika was arrested for Possession with Intent to Distribute (methamphetamine), Possession of a Controlled Substance (Xanax and Cocaine), and two counts of Receiving Stolen Property 3rd Degree. Dimitri Glendale Modley (26) fro Tuscaloosa was also arrested for Giving False Information to a Law Enforcement Officer. 

At 12:20 PM, Auburn Police received a suspicious incident call at a home on Webster Road. Both suspects were contacted at the residence. Two stolen handguns, a range of marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, Xanax, along with $1600 were recovered from the residence and vehicle. Both were taken to Lee County Jail. Johnson was being held on a $21,000 bond while Modley remained in custody on a $500 bond. 

The case is still under investigation by Auburn Police Division Narcotics Section.


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