Things You Need to Know About AHS Season 8


Very little information has been released about season 8 since American Horror Story: Cult ended back in November. However, creator Ryan Murphy has said that he won't keep the theme a mystery like he did with Roanoke in season 6. He's given just a few bread crumbs about the new's everything you need to know. 

1. It began shooting in mid-June. Also, FX confirmed that the release of the new season would premiere September 12th. 

2. It's called Apocalypse. The past few seasons of AHS have remained, well, unknown, until the premieres. This month, FX announced season 8's official name. 

3. It's set in the future. back in April, Ryan Murphy announced that the season will take place "18 months from now", which makes that October 2019. He added that the new season will be more fantasy-based than the show's previous two seasons. 

4. Kathy Bates is returning. She had to take a break from AHS with Cult due to her commitment to her Netflix show Disjointed, but Ryan Murphy has confirmed her return and that she is one of the leads. 

5. Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters are returning, as well. Both will return with lead roles, and Evan is set to play a hairstylist (per Ryan Murphy). Cheyenne Jackson, Adina Porter, Billy Eichner, and Leslie Grossman will be back, too.

6. A new member of the cast? Ryan Murphy confirmed that iconic Dynasty actress Joan Collins will be joining the cast in season 8. No hints as to what her part will be but rumors are that she's playing Evan's grandmother. 

7. It's not the Coven/Murder House crossover season. Ryan Murphy has recently noted that he's wanted to do a season that's a crossover of seasons one and three. He's mentioned that it won't be season 8, due to certain cast members' scheduling commitments. 

8. JUST KIDDING. This is the Coven/Murder House crossover season. Back in June, Ryan Murphy tweeted the the next season of AHS would be the promised mashup of seasons one and three, and that it would begin airing September 2018. Connie Britton from Murder House is no longer attached to 9-1-1, making it possible for her role as Vivien Harmon from Murder House to return -- who died, but have you not noticed the ghosts in this show?

9. Since it's been confirmed that this is the Coven/Murder House crossover season, it's quite possible that the baby in the promo art is the Harmon baby. SPOILER ALERT: At the end of Murder House, Vivien gave birth to a child fathered by a ghost, which according to Billie Dean was a sign of the impending apocalypse. Could this new season be about the apocalypse brought on by that devil baby? Additionally, is the devil baby in the promo art the devil baby that Vivien birthed? 


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