"Alabama's Most Haunted" Investigating Spring Villa Park

Spring Villa Park has a long history of rumored paranormal activity.  On Saturday, September 8 a team of investigators from Alabama’s Most  Haunted is coming to see if they can answer the question “Are there  ghosts residing at Spring Villa?”.  

Alabama’s Most Haunted consists of a  six-person investigative team who shoot hour and a half long  documentaries at some of the most haunted places in the state. So far,  they have investigated and found activity at the Jemison-Van de Graaff  Mansion in Tuscaloosa, Kenworthy Hall in Marion, the Crooked Creek Civil  War Museum in Cullman and The Josephine Hotel in Union Springs. 

“We  have always been interested in the paranormal, so we decided to put  together a film crew to investigate some of the most haunted places  around to learn their history and investigate claims to see if there is  any truth to the stories,” said Kevan Walden, Alabama’s Most Haunted  investigator.  

The team will use night vision cameras, audio recorders  and spirit boxes to detect spiritual presences at Spring Villa. The  audio recorders can catch voices that would normally be inaudible.  Spirit boxes use radio waves and act as conduits to the spiritual world.  Those tools combined with the experience of the team members should  give insight into what, if anything, is residing at the park. 

According  to Walden, some of their members are more in tune with the spiritual  world and seem to have more interactions during investigations.

“One of  our members, Shawn, always has the most stuff happen to him,” said  Walden. “He has gotten touched, he has had his shirt pulled, he has had  his leg squeezed, he gets weird feelings and sometimes he gets really  sick where he has to leave.” 

Alabama’s Most Haunted will not be the  first paranormal group to investigate the property. There have been  numerous other groups who have braved the big house, hoping to find  evidence of paranormal activity. There have been reports of flashlights  being turned on, piano keys playing, children crying and playing and  other voices speaking to investigators.  

Jeff Pokorny, Spring Villa  Caretaker, has lived at Spring Villa for 20 years. Through the years  Pokorny has noted several curious incidents including suspicious  behavior from his dog, items disappearing and reappearing days later,  mysterious figures appearing in photos and one convincing story about a  painted over deadbolt lock, but he has said there has never been  anything malicious orevil that has occurred.  

“I don’t stay up at the big house much, so  there could be more things that happen that I don’t know about,” said  Pokorny. “I don’t go looking for them though. I just keep the house up  and keep the grass cut for them.” 

Once completed the documentary will  air on WCQT TV27 in Cullman for two weeks. Following it’s on screen  debut, it will be uploaded to the Alabama’s Most Haunted YouTube Channel  in January.  

To stay up to date on the investigation, follow Alabama’s  Most Haunted Facebook and Instagram pages.

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