RaeLynn Gushes Over Seeing Her Husband & Baby In Her New Music Video

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RaeLynn gushed over her seeing her husband, her baby and her dog share the spotlight with her in her latest music video. “What’s Wrong With That?” premiered on Tuesday morning (May 23), just a few days after the country star debuted the highly-anticipated “old school” anthem.

“What’s Wrong With That?,” RaeLynn’s latest “happy-go-lucky” single that embraces her lifestyle with her family, comes after she shared teasers on her social media channels. It’s now the latest music video to feature RaeLynn’s husband, Josh Davis, and the couple’s daughter Daisy Rae, who was born in September 2021, following “Broken One” earlier this year. RaeLynn watched the video premiere in real time with her social media followers on Tuesday morning, sharing her reactions along the way and gushing over how sweet it was to see her family appear throughout the song.

RaeLynn’s sassy anthem sees the Bayton, Texas-born singer cherishing the moments that Davis treats her like a lady, and the balance that she and her husband have in their relationship, which “beats bustin’ my country a**” climbing the corporate ladder.

“What's wrong if I let big a strong cowboy/ Do what he's made to do/ What's wrong if I let him treat me like a lady/ If he wants to/ What's wrong with a six-foot-two little front porch view of him mowing my grass/ It's old school so I'm told/ But I just wanna know/ What's wrong with that”

Watch the new “What’s Wrong With That?” music video here:

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