Hot Head Burritos offering up 1-year supply tomorrow

Ohio-based Hot Head Burritos will open a new location in Auburn on  Opelika Rd.! The new location will open its doors to the public with a  Grand Opening Celebration featuring FREE BURRITOS FOR A YEAR and a  limited edition HOT HEAD BURRITOS T-SHIRT for the first 100 people in  line when doors open at 10:00am on Wednesday, March 21st! 


Hot Head Burritos serves burritos, tacos, bowls, nachos and  quesadillas custom built for each customer. Upon entering, a customer  chooses from multiple ingredients and proteins as they move down the  production line until their creation is completed. What's different from  other "build your own" concepts? MORE CHOICES!  

In addition to  "Big" and "Li'l" Burrito and Bowl options, there are many more fresh  veggie and meat choices than the other guys! You can also choose from 10  signature sauces with flavors that range from sweet to hot, plus  creamy, warm queso and tasty salsas to further enhance a one-of-a-kind  dining experience.  


“Our new location is ready to  serve Auburn and its surroundings with the best burrito around!” states  local Hot Head Burritos co-owner and franchisee Z.A. Hughes. “We're  excited to bring a brand new option to the area, but we're also  committed to being good neighbors. We look forward to supporting local  organizations that work to make Auburn the great area it is. We are  really looking forward to giving away some free burritos for a year and  Hot Head Burritos limited edition t-shirts on March 21st!" 


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